Writing from the Heart Dec 2014


“Liberating” “Unravelling” “Inspiring” “Unconventional”

These were some words the participants used to describe this Writing from the Heart by Tony Perez at 72-13/TheatreWorks from 1st to 6th December 2014.


Participants were brought through a journey of self-discovery, an introspection within oneself.

Unconventional as it seemed, Tony delved and drew out the participants’ hidden potential and empowered the participants to tap into their wells within.




5 minutes play in 5 days. From creation to page then to stage. Writing from the Heart brought the participants out for the first time to draw on the energy of their surroundings to inspire their works in the making!

Before the performance!

Excited Faces!


There were flashes of light-hearted and heart-wrenching moments. As one continued to look upon the performance, they couldn’t help but be drawn into the characters and plot.

Stills from 5-minute plays

Stills from 5-minute plays

Many started out as strangers in this unfamiliar setting. But as time went by, the enduring bonds and connections forged were moving!

Say Cheese! ~

Say Cheese! ~

May our paths cross again!


Tony also visited Dibashram at Little India to conduct a one-day workshop with a group of migrant workers who were passionate and eager to learn about writing. Through a series of drawing exercises, Tony invoked memories of their life and loved ones in Bangladesh which allowed them to voice their “hearts” out.



At the end of this short encounter, many were eager to take photos with Tony as mementos of their experience through the workshop.


The journey thus far has been a wild ride through the meeting of different individuals, expressing unspoken feelings and unearthing hidden selves. Of course, it did not fall short in the joy and laughter.

wfth laughter

Although the Writing from the Heart Dec 2014 workshop has finally come to an end, the impact it left on the participants and migrant workers was far and beyond.

Many thanks to the participants, Dibashram and those who have helped us in one way or another. And most importantly, thank you Tony Perez!


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