Writing from the Heart @ Dibashram Dec 2014 (Day 7)

Last Sunday, the Writing from the Heart workshop was conducted for the Bangladeshi migrant workers at Dibashram.

Before the workshop began, Tony sat down with Mohsin and the migrant workers and got to know more about them.

Mohsin and Tony

Tony and Mohsin

Meeting the migrant workers

Meeting the migrant workers

As introduction, Tony got everyone to draw their “hearts” out. Using the artistic tools at hand, the group produced drawing after drawing, showcasing their creative flair.

Tony sharing his "heart"

Tony sharing his “heart”

Heartfelt Drawings

Heartfelt Drawings

Their "hearts"

Their “hearts”

The migrant workers then shared the inspiration and motivation behind these creations. Through the sharing, the migrant workers began to uncover hidden stories of their friends and their feelings during their time here in Singapore. It was heartening to see how everyone in the space was open with one another.

My Heart is in my homeland, Bangladesh...

My heart belongs to my homeland, Bangladesh…

The garden in my heart

The “Garden of Eden”


Admiring their masterpieces

Peculiar as it seemed, the communication exercise went on without words. The artistic conversation was quietly taking place as the migrant workers conversed with their partners through doodles and art.

The artistic conversation

Can you guess what we were “talking”?

'Picaso' in making

Really abstract…

The last exercise for the day was “Paradise”. Everyone stationed themselves in front of a drawing block around Dibashram and starting drawing the ‘paradise’ they envisioned.


Just as they were completing their artworks, the migrant workers were exiled from their ‘paradise’ and had to move on to a different drawing. After a couple of times, they were allowed to go back to their original piece of drawing at last, only to realise that their ‘paradises’ underwent quite a bit of change.



Through the drawing exercises, Tony led the workers on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. It was heart-warming and inspiring to see how everyone cheered their fellow countrymen to hold onto their dreams and aspirations.

At the end of the workshop, everyone wanted to take photos with Tony!


Zimy and Tony

Thank you Mohsin for the support and also to all the migrant workers who took their time off to attend this Writing from the Heart  workshop by Tony Perez!

It was definitely a memorable night for those in Dibashram and members of TheatreWorks!


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