Writing from the Heart @ 72-13 Dec 2014 (Day 6)

Saturday was the final session of Writing from the Heart workshop at 72-13/TheatreWorks.

Do you think anyone can be inspired by this inconspicuous mark that stained the floor? Well, the participants did.

Drawn to the mark

Drawn to the mark

The space fell silent, as the participants were deeply engrossed as they were tasked to write. It was incredible how these pieces of creative writing sprang out from this unseeingly black mark on the weathered wooden floor.

Jia Yee writing

Afterwhich, the participants shared their writings.

Listening Intently

Listening Intently

It came as a lovely surprise when one of the participants was asked to sing by Tony. As she warmed up to the group, the lyrics of the song began to resonate with her heart and soul, as though she was exuding a warm light of honesty.

Listening to the lovely singing angel

Listening to the lovely singing angel

Singing for you

Singing for you

Mesmerized by our lovely singing angel

Mesmerized by our lovely singing angel


Touched by her voice

To give birth to a piece of writing, many factors have to come into play and one of them is definitely the environment. For their final piece of artwork, the participants drew their own dream room.

Ikea is life!!!

Ikea is life!

Book lover

“I want to sleep in my hammock surrounded by my books!”

The group then went on to an emotional truth exercise. Everyone gathered together as Tony drew out different sub-personalities from one of the participant.

Listening intently...

Listening intently…

The morning session ended with a Pizza Lunch from Sarpino! The participants took the time to catch up and know more about the group whilst enjoying those delicious pizza slices.

Pizza Lunch!

Pizza Lunch!

Pizza Lunch

Finished in seconds…

Pizza Lunch 2

As the time for the 5-minute plays drew nearer, everyone was excited and nervous.

Before big event

Before the big event


It’s near…

During the workshop, some of the participants wrote a 5-minute script and spent time each night working with their cast members. It was finally time for everyone to taste the sweet fruit of their labour!

The Howling by Tiara

The Howling by Tiara

Step-up by Jezreel

Step-up by Jezreel


Janet by Ahmad



The Reason Why by Gemia


The Opti(o)n by Shen


Dream Cup by Faizal


Circle by Liting


Circle by Isaac

The session ended on a high as the game of perception began. Tony asked the participants 30 questions and everyone would give to one person they felt best fit the description.

Most well-loved opinion maker!

Most well-loved opinion maker!

In this short week, the participants went through a tumultuous emotional journey, redefining the notion of writing and discovering more about themselves. This workshop has indeed been a liberating and rewarding experience for everyone!

Writing from the Heart participants with Tony Perez

Writing from the Heart participants with Tony Perez


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