FROM THE STAGE : SERUNDING with Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit


When I start playing the heart-breaking moments of her losing her daughter, the entire audience becomes silent

Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit

Article by: Brendan Ong (Engagement Intern)

Earlier this week we spoke to Alin, or better known as Safiah in Serunding, on her thoughts about the play. As an a veteran in the theatre industry, she has tons of experience on and off stage! So we wanted to know what was so special about Serunding to her.

As much as it has lifted my eyebrows and warmed my heart, I am sure it will be the same for you.

QNS: What does this play Serunding, mean to you personally?

ALIN:  Serunding is special to me because it is a great play, that gives the audience a very intimate glimpse into the life of a stay-at-home Malay Mother.

Safiah, our protagonist (some say the antagonist!), takes pride in her ways of raising very successful children. Through her many telephone conversations, she shows off to us the amazing life she has with her husband, Sadikin and her two children, Syahid and Suraya. If she was on Facebook and Instagram, her hourly status updates would tell us about what she’s cooking, her favourite TV shows, the cakes and cookies she bakes and her shared postings will be about “20 Things You Need To Know About Successful Parenting” and the likes.

But at the core of it all, Safiah is a flawed human, like all of us. That, to me is the appeal of Serunding. Safiah and her vulnerabilities, trying to keep a brave front while having her daughter deserting her touches me, personally.

QNS: Are there any memorable/interesting moments on stage while playing the role of Safiah?

ALIN: The best moments on stage while playing Safiah is when I get to make the audience laugh with her antics. Safiah starts off as being a lovable, house-proud Malay Makcik. The stories that she tells to the audience always tickled them into great hearty laughter.

And then, when I start playing the heart-breaking moments of her losing her daughter, the entire audience becomes silent. I love those moments when the audience is totally with Safiah. For me, those precious moments are the reason I keep wanting to perform. Again and again.

QNS: In your opinion, what is the impact of bringing plays to the community?

ALIN: Magic happens! It is truly magical to see the reaction of the audience members, who had never been to a live theatrical performance. Some were convinced that the story I tell is mine and that I am Safiah. Others were just amazed at the whole production; just one character that shares and bares her life and emotions to them.

The best reaction from the audience, when we did this play three years ago, is always when they find out that I’m not a real-life 55-year old Makcik. When I tell them I’m a 37-year old Arts Educator, unmarried and with only a cat to raise; yup, they find it hard to believe!

Be sure to catch Serunding at the Malay Heritage Centre from 6 – 8 Jun 2014 at the Malay Heritage Centre. Reserve your seats via

For any enquiries, feel free to contact Brendan Ong at 6737 7213 or

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